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The Arcane University is a cross-province initiative of the Beyond Skyrim project.

It aims to provide teaching and support to all members and applicants to help them to acquire, expand or improve their skillset needed to contribute to the project. If a person wants to help out the Beyond Skyrim project but feels that they do not yet possess the required skill level, they can go to the Arcane University for tutorials, help with technical problems, and feedback.


The Arcane University is led by a 3-person tribunal. There are also a number of teachers whom the students can ask for feedback or help, as well as their fellow students. Most teachers will have a specialization in one of the disciplines into which the Arcane University is split.

Most of the learning within the Arcane University is self-study. There are a number of tutorials and/or lesson plans available, depending on the discipline. Students can follow these and post their work for feedback.


The tutorials of the Arcane University are made to support you to become a qualified developer or artist and join our community. About 20 teachers will help you personally if you are motivated to become a developer for our Skyrim mod projects! You find the link to our Discord server below.