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Archive of AToMMs of the Arcane University. AToMM stands for Arcane Together Modding Meeting, where a teacher goes through the steps of a process and students (or anyone else) can work along with them.

Archive table[edit]

Title Teacher Date Link Department
Creating Magic Effects Oracus0 2020-09-05 Implementation
Interiors without Tilesets Pedro 2020-09-05 Level Design
Concept Art for Video Games Oracus0 2020-09-05 Concept Art
Spooky Dungeon Effects Pedro 2020-10-31 Level Design
Spooky Music Composition Seoli 2020-10-31 Music Composition
Spooky Weather Creation Ashley 2020-10-31 Implementation
How to create TileSets Zix 2021-02-13 3D
Optimizing Dungeons Pedro 2021-02-13 Level Design
Think Before You Write Deagler 2021-02-13 Writing
Creating and Texturing Grass David Pynkoski 2021-02-13 3D
Concept Art with a Lead DalSifoDyas 2021-03-13 2D
How to Build Lore Wyatt 2021-03-13 Writing
Making a World Encounter Candoran2 2021-03-13 Implementation
Getting into your Part Trendane 2021-03-13 Voice Acting
Music Structuring & Sound Manipulation Seoli 2021-03-20 Music Composition
Intro to Characterization AFBates 2021-04-24 Writing
Intro to NifSkope Pempelune 2021-04-24 Implementation
Technical Level Design Seoli 2021-04-24 Level Design
Intro to Greetings LeftOverPat 2021-04-24 Writing
Bringing Dialogue to Life AFBates 2021-05-15 Writing
DIY: Your First Assignment Zix 2021-05-15 Level Design
Your Most Common Mistakes Naariel 2021-05-15 Concept Art
Using 3D for Concept Art hug.ham 2021-05-15 Concept Art
Coming up with Ideas imayooshi 2021-06-19 Concept Art
Audio Production: the Foundation Seoli 2021-06-19 Music Composition
Interior Lighting Guide Isaac 2021-06-19 Level Design
Leading a Modding Team Robcbwilson 2021-06-19 Project Management
Quest Design 101 Rhea Newton 2021-07-17 Writing
Level Designer's Mindset Pedro, Tyber 2021-07-17 Level Design
Exterior Cell - Start to Finish Nugamentum 2021-07-17 Level Design
Shader Implementation Hannes 2021-07-17 Implementation
Writing Good Fetch Quests AFBates 2021-08-21 Writing
Nif Animation Kettlewitch 2021-08-21 Implementation
Types of Collision Candoran2 2021-08-21 Implementation
Substance Designer: Design to Implementation Ashley Lawrence 2021-08-21 3D
Practical Lighting Guide Isaac 2021-09-18 Level Design
Antagonists and Villains Hendrus 2021-09-18 Writing
Audio Editing for Voice Acting + Sound Design Seoli 2021-09-18 Voice Acting, Sound Effects
Substance Designer II: Electric Material-oo Ashley Lawrence 2021-09-18 3D
Creature Design for Concept Art pencil_urchin 2021-10-30 2D
Linear vs Branching Storytelling Deagler 2021-10-30 Writing
Creating a Demonic Weapon in Blender Sheogorath 2021-10-30 3D
Cleaning and Merging ESPs Hannes 2021-10-30 Implementation