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Main Site Atmora: Expedition to the North
Setting the frozen continent north of Tamriel, Atmora
Current Version 0.988 (August 2019)
Start Date 01.03.2015
The emblem of the project.

Atmora: Expedition to the North is a project under the Beyond Skyrim banner which aims to recreate the continent of Atmora in the Fourth Era.

The lost continent of Atmora, as its borders might have been. The real coastline, of course, remains unclear due to the great Frostfall
The position of Atmora, north of Tamriel

The shadows of the past reach beyond the Sea of Ghosts. They are hiding dark memories, shrouded in mystery. Do you have the courage to unveil them? Would you risk your life to embark on an adventure into unknown territory? To a place said to be more hostile and desolate than any other? If so, welcome on board, traveler. The expedition awaits.



The project is using MergeScripts via TS5edit. A merge of esps and resources is taking place every 2 months. The project covers a Main Quest Series with various chapters and subchapters. When Chapter 1 is for example worked on in stage 3, then Chapter 2 is worked on in stage 2 and so on, simultaneously.

A merge happens at the end of each cycle, every 8 weeks to 4 months.

All files of members are handed in then, the master plan is checked and inactive members are to be removed. The cleaning will be checked, and after a new build with new LOD is available, there is a conference with voice chat and streaming in discord that coordinates the updates in the master plan for upcoming cycles.


Members are categorized in several departments:

  • Writing
  • Concept Artist
  • Level Design
  • Implementation
  • 3D-Environment Art
  • 3D-Character Art
  • Composition (Music) [Audio]
  • Sound Design [Audio]
  • Voice Acting [Audio]
  • Tester
  • Supporter

Each department has a department lead and there are three directors at top, The managing director, the creative director, and the technical director.

Daily communication happens via discord server as usual in BS Community.


Application happens via the recruitment discord of the team. The address is

If the applicant and the team want to cooperate, they will be invited in the development discord; introduce themselves and be welcomed by the team.


There is a facebook page, two trailers as well as the internal Beyond Skyrim forum.


Fan Videos[edit]

Official pages[edit]

The Atmora project also had an older forum prior to joining BS but it's no longer in use.

Cooperation with other BS projects[edit]

The geography and lore of Atmora is closely related to Roscrea. For that reason, a few writing aspects, textures and meshes show relations, and the Atmora team has open channels towards the Roscrea team, some are even members in both projects.

For further extending the ties to the BS world, an additional Khajit character was planned and partly implemented for the beginning of the Main Quest, in cooperation with the Elsweyr team.

There is also a project with Morrowind and Iliac Bay planned to create volcano assets.

On top of that, Atmora strongly supports the cross-provincial teams of Atronach Forge, Arcane University, Public Relations Department and general dev server cooperation.


Some outer regions for Side Quests are worked on in level design; The Main Quest is worked on, and some more Side Quests are planned. Also, the pool of encounters, meshes, and textures is constantly improved. From merge 0.984, the Build will follow the structural conventions of Skyrim.

The most recent build is merged in August 2018 and called version 0.986.

Bugs are constantly checked and fixed during creation, testers are asked for constant feedback.

Main Quest exteriors and about 110 interiors and various other assets are considered as finished.

Writing 90% done small gaps for implementation purposes

Level Design 90% done smaller polishes during implementation and a few interiors

Concept Art 80% done smaller claims left

Textures 100% done landscape etc

Sounds and Music 80% done

3d Department roughly 50% done, Creatures 70% done, Armors 33% done, Weapons 100% done, Artefacts 50% done, Architecture 50% done,

Implementation roughly 25% done, Main Quest: 25%, Side Quests: 20%, Effects: 50%,

Of course, there will be a long polishing period.

Project Releases[edit]

  • none so far. there was an early alpha version available in 2016, but it was taken off the nexus later to avoid spoilers.

Gameplay Concept[edit]

Atmora is a dead continent, so the open world concept varies a bit from Skyrim or other BS projects. Survival is a key element, and it was a major aim since the start of the project to achieve "Frostfall" and "Need" mods compatibility. On top of that, loot, exploration, and riddles and battles do play a major role, and the story is more linear in the main quest sequences, Focusing on a group of actors and giving the player opportunities to make decisions that alter the outcome. It also comes with a stronger archeological aspect and puts more effort in creating an immersive arctic nature around the player. Another notable difference from the other projects, is that once the player had completed the main quest, they will not be able to return to the continent. The opposite is also true, once the player has entered Atmora, they cannot return to Tamriel until the main quest is completed.

General Information[edit]

Biographical descriptions of people from the region
Religion, linguistics and other cultural information
Descriptions of the various orders and guilds in existence
An archive of known creatures and constructs
Information about the plants that can be found growing in the area
A history of the region, containing timelines chronicling the major events
A compilation of important writings from the region
Information about the different forms of magic in the region
Information and maps about the various locations within the region
Details of the different modes of transportation in the region

Miscellaneous Information[edit]

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