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This is the main page of the Beyond Skyrim Arcane University project Management tutorials.


Project Management, soft skills, are hardly present at first glance. But only transparent and fluent communication, organization, dispatching conflicts and managing files allow such a community project to achieve a quality level comparable to professional team projects with monetary background and local physical presence. Our big and diverse community can make up for these disadvantages of being non-commercially and working remotely from each other with their dedication, time investment, and passion. Such a project requires basic skills to make sure, our efforts are not lost in the process by invisible walls.

General Ideas[edit]

Team Management[edit]

Conflicts should be reduced to topic level, and never be promoted to a personal level. (add all that theory here later)

Project Management[edit]

  • Milestones
  • Planning
  • Tools (excel, Trello, Miro etc)

File Management[edit]

Cleaning and Merging with X-Edit[edit]

Version Control[edit]