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Project Management requires both hard skills and soft skills. Hard skills include file management and team organization. The soft skills, which are arguably the more important, include facilitating good communication and resolving conflicts. These are vital for our community projects to achieve a quality level comparable to professional projects, which have monetary funding and local physical presence. Our big and diverse community can make up for these disadvantages of being non-commercial and working remotely from each other with our dedication, time investment, and passion. The goal of project management is to make sure that individual team members are able to reach their highest potential.

General Ideas[edit]

Team Management[edit]

Conflicts should be reduced to topic level, and never be promoted to a personal level. (add all that theory here later)

Project Management[edit]

  • Milestones
  • Planning
  • Tools (excel, Trello, Miro etc)

File Management[edit]

Cleaning and Merging with xEdit[edit]

Version Control[edit]

LOD Generation[edit]

Main article: LOD Generation

LOD generation is typically something that is done by users. However, because our projects create entirely new worldspaces, we must provide an initial LOD for the "vanilla" experience. This process can be done a number of ways using Creation Kit, xLODGen, and DynDOLOD, but we recommend using xLODGen to generate terrain, and DynDOLOD for objects.

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