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Implementation is the stage where all resources come together, get married, and finally get polished until the game is "ready enough" for shipment. It is the most important and diverse task for Skyrim modding.

If you have never touched the Creation Kit before, you should begin with the Creation Kit Wiki's Getting Started page. After that, a good entry to implementation is the official Bethesda Quest tutorial. It touches on many aspects of implementation, like quests, scenes, actors, packages and more. However, it is an entry. Going through the tutorial will make you acquainted with the Creation Kit and its systems, and it can serve as a springboard to dive into more complex tasks. Additionally, the Creation Kit Wiki provides many more tutorials that you can take advantage of (CK Wiki Tutorials/Community Tutorials/Video Tutorials).


Some things you may be doing as an implementer are:

  • Creating complex quests, sometimes with branching paths
  • Working with the Story manager to create radiant quests
  • Creating scenes, where NPCs talk with each other
  • Creating NPC packages or schedules
  • Creating magic effects or perks
  • Working with more complex NIFs

Fundamental to many of these are the following:

  • Being comfortable working with the Papyrus scripting engine
  • Being able to troubleshoot when something does not work as intended.
  • As part of the former, reading through documentation such as the Creation Kit wiki or other sources.

It should be noted that, in order to be an implementer, you do not need to be able to do all the aforementioned tasks. Some implementers can have more focused areas, such as creating quests or working with NIFs.

Implementation Lesson Plan[edit]



3D/NIF Implementation[edit]

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Test Claims[edit]

Test Claims used by the Arcane University to give students access to authentic Beyond Skyrim and Third-Party project claims.

Test claims are, primarily, an exercise. If a student completes the claim and it is of a very high quality, the claim in question may become part of the project. Teachers are allowed and encouraged to use these claims as final exams for students.

  1. Any claim can be taken by anyone, at any time by asking the corresponding teacher.
  2. The claims are used as an exercise. Should a student complete it especially well and with required quality, then the asset may be used for the corresponding project and the student gets the chance to be accepted as a developer.
  3. Teachers can use claims as "entrance exams" for a project, when the specific project has given consent.
  4. All claims should be finished within 1 month. They can be dropped at any time with no penalty, and there is no penalty for failing to complete the claim within the given period. The claim can be approached again at a later date if desired.
  5. If you find yourself hitting a wall with the claim, ask a teacher! Other students may also have useful information. And there is no shame in following #4 and dropping it to move on to something else. The brain needs distance to make sense of the issues it finds.

The AU's Implementation Test Claims can be found here: Implementation Test Claims Trello Board.