Arcane University:Masterfile Merging with Perforce

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Perforce Installation[edit]

(will soon be added) also see at the end of this video:

Merge Process[edit]

1. udpate master from git: mods/SE-Assets/ right click -Update/ Git Bash / git pull

2. add BSAssets.esm in SSE/Merging/Data

3. add recent Atmora.esm in SSE/Mergin/Data

4. clean esps in X-Edit (check for errors, apply filter to show conflicts (selected files only)

5. zmerge -> all into one esp

6. esp from zmerge/merge into git folder of your project

7. enable CreationKitCustom.ini version control =1, make Sure the merge esm is also placed in merge Data repository for perforce

8. activate Skyrim merge esm in MO

9. update bit arrays in CK for BSAssets and Atmora (ctrl + shift +b), both must be loaded inside CK!

10. Merging load Version Control when you have the patch-esp as active file, then check out and check in. Make sure masters have been identical when loading.

11. merged esm out of VersionControl folder into git folder

12. push with git: git status, git add ., git commit -m "mmm", git push