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What is the function of an SEQ file? If you've ever created a new quest entry in the Creation Kit only to find that it mysteriously doesn't run in-game, this is because the game needs a file associated with it to recognize the new data. (Ticking Start Game Enabled doesn't do anything on its own.)

Luckily, this is very quick and easy to do.

Install xEdit[edit]

Install TES5Edit for Classic Skyrim (LE), or SSEEdit for Skyrim Special Edition. This tool is incredibly useful for many purposes. Leave an endorsement if you like.

Load your mod[edit]

Open TES5Edit and make sure that the .esp you've been working on is ticked. Let the loader run until everything is shown on the left.

Create SEQ file[edit]

Right click on your .esp, go down to Other and then click 'Create SEQ File'.


Success message[edit]

Wait a moment and you should see the log post a successful message. If not, try again or relaunch xEdit.


Check and distribution[edit]

You are done. Go to Skyrim\Data\seq and you should see the name of your .esp. You can now run it in-game, provided you've set it up properly in the CK, of course. Remember to include this file with the archive when uploading to the Nexus or Steam Workshop.

When to generate the SEQ file again[edit]

You should generate the SEQ file again if you add or remove a Start Game Enabled quest from your mod. You do not need to generate it again simply because you added more dialogue to a Start Game Enabled quest. A SEQ file is essentially just a list of the quests that are marked as Start Game Enabled, so you only need to generate the file again when that list changes.