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* [[Outfit Studio for Skyrim]]
* [[Outfit Studio for Skyrim]]
* [[Arcane University:Rigging with Blender  2.79|Rigging with Blender  2.79]]
* [[Arcane University:Rigging with Blender  2.79|Rigging with Blender  2.79]]
* Rigging Jewelry with Blender 2.79: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1q_mNPVJdQ5udrYYftIaeXv7V1Wk7RFoP/view
* [https://drive.google.com/file/d/1q_mNPVJdQ5udrYYftIaeXv7V1Wk7RFoP/view Rigging Jewelry with Blender  2.79]
===Texturing Tools===
===Texturing Tools===

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This is the main page of the Beyond Skyrim Arcane University 3D Art tutorials.


A 3D artist can create shapes based on Concept Art, writing and discussions as well as experiences gathered in the team regarding Animation and Implementation. This plays a vital role in creating new game art assets.

General Workflow[edit]

Generally, the artwork is taken and then, a Blockout modeling starts. For the high-poly work flow, a high-poly Sculpting is being done. The height information is being merged into the asset-specific normal map (Baking). On Mesh Export to NIF, the asset obtains its physical properties such as Mesh Collisions and being rigged/skinned to bones during Animation. It is important to understand the Nif-specific rendering properties, shaders and texture set structure.

Basics - The Data Formats Nif (Meshes) and DDS (Textures)[edit]

  • To review the specifics of the NIF data format used for meshes, check Nif Data Format.
  • To review the specifics of the DDS data format used for textures, check DDS Data Format.

Asset-specific Tutorials[edit]



Misc Items[edit]




LOD Objects[edit]

Tool-specific Guidelines and Links[edit]

Modeling Tools (most include sculpting and rigging features)[edit]

Sculpting Tools[edit]

Rigging Tools[edit]

Texturing Tools[edit]

Exporting and Polishing Tools[edit]