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Main Site
Current Version
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Displays basic information about a project.


Project Infobox
Parameter Scope Description
image required Image to display above the infobox.
website required Project homepage on the Beyond Skyrim website.
setting required Location in which the mod is set.
version required Current version of the mod.
download required Link to mod's download page on the Nexus and/or other sites.
startdate required Date the mod project began.


{{Project Infobox
|image=[[File:BS Cyrodiil Logo.png|center|frameless]]
|website={{BS|projects/cyrodiil|Cyrodiil: The Seat of Sundered Kings}}
|download=[https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/84946/ Nexus (LE)]
|startdate=November 2011
BS Cyrodiil Logo.png
Main Site Cyrodiil: The Seat of Sundered Kings
Setting Cyrodiil
Current Version
Download Nexus (LE)
Start Date November 2011