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In concept art (specifically in Skyrim modding) there are a variety of types of claims (or categories) you may encounter and choose to concept. Not all categories can be designed and presented the same way and they are often subject to different expectations.

Note that the information you read here might not apply to projects outside of Beyond Skyrim, or even within Beyond Skyrim - a project's art lead may have their own way of doing things. Be sure to clarify what their expectations are if you are unsure. But as a whole, if you follow these guidelines, you’ll be creating good Skyrim modding concept art.

Be sure to read our main Concept Art page for an overview of the basic workflow, expectations, and technical information needed for any claim. This page is additional reading.


Fauna claims are typically hard to very hard claims. This category includes fauna, creatures, races, anything that is going to use a large amount of animations, or a moving thing the player can fight.

The contents of a Fauna concept art sheet depends on the fauna design, but you must have:

  • Your name (from the start)
  • Claim name (from the start)
  • Orthographic Views
  • Rendered Views
  • Size measurement/comparison
  • Notes regarding the design that can't be explained visually
  • Material image references
  • Optional: Detail shots
  • Optional: Mechanic or animation explanations
  • Optional: Project logo

This claim very often requires an orthographic turnaround of with a front, side, and back view. If complex, the design may also require a top and/or bottom view. It is strongly recommended to include one or more details view for fauna and creatures, especially for areas that may be tricky to interpret in a more zoomed out view.

When designing living beings, always consider their environment, living conditions, predator/prey, herbivore/omnivore/carnivore/scavenger as all these factors will impact their biology. Do research and find similar real life animals to draw inspiration from. A great concept is both believable and unbelievable.

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