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Here you will find external resources on a variety of 2D subjects for beginners and experienced artists alike.

Concept art is all about creating designs that work - but how do you know what works? Why does it work? There are things you need to know if you want to create good concepts. Below you will find links to various places where you can expand your knowledge.


Not sure what we mean by rendering, orthos, turnarounds and other weird concept art words? Consult our list of definitions.

Digital Libraries[edit]

Extensive video libraries that cover a multitude of subjects with short videos. If you watch all of these you will be more than ready to apply for a project. Depending on your skill level you may want to watch all of them or pick out specific ones.


For those who learn by reading rather than watching. These may be available at your local library.


Fundamentals are essential and required knowledge for anyone who wants to create good designs.

If you have little to no experience in drawing, you'll most likely be directed to Drawabox for your first assignment in the Arcane University. The assingment is to complete the Drawabox Lessons 0 to 7. This is a great place to grasp form, shape, construction and mastering lines. Please feel free to check in with us after finishing a lesson!

Concept Art[edit]

Resources specifically aimed at bettering your Concept Art skills. Highly recommended!

Traditional Medium[edit]

Resources specifically for the artists working with traditional mediums such as pen and paper.


Further Learning[edit]

“The more I live, the more I learn. The more I learn, the more I realize, the less I know.” – Michel Legrand

  • FZD Design talks about concept art in the industry.

--- More about Anatomy (essentials for rendering)---

--- More about Values (essentials for rendering)---

--- More about Color and Light (essentials for rendering)---

--- More about Composition and Design ---