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Main Site Atmora: Expedition to the North
Setting the frozen continent north of Tamriel, Atmora
Current Version 0.988 (August 2019)
Start Date 01.03.2015

Atmora: Expedition to the North is a project under the Beyond Skyrim banner which aims to recreate the continent of Atmora in the Fourth Era.

The lost continent of Atmora, as its borders might have been. The real coastline, of course, remains unclear due to the great Frostfall
The position of Atmora, north of Tamriel

The shadows of the past reach beyond the Sea of Ghosts. They are hiding dark memories, shrouded in mystery. Do you have the courage to unveil them? Would you risk your life to embark on an adventure into unknown territory? To a place said to be more hostile and desolate than any other? If so, welcome on board, traveler. The expedition awaits.

Team Management[edit]

A merge, the action of gathering patches and resources based on the recent master build, happens at the end of each cycle, a period for creating new content, every 4 months. After the merge is conducted, a new version of the master build is available and the cycle starts over again. At the end of a cycle, members are honoured for contributions and recruits can become full members. Inactive members are removed or demoted to guest status. On the new master build, LOD is created, then the package is distributed, and in a meeting called "scheduling conference" for the new cycle, the claims and milestones are discussed and decided.

The team is structured in several departments. Each department has a department lead and there are three directors in the team. Daily communication happens via discord server as usual in BS Community.

Open Departments for Applicants

  • Implementation
  • 3D-Environment Art
  • 3D-Character Art
  • Voice Acting (Audio)
  • Writing

Other Departments

  • Concept Artist
  • Level Design
  • Music/Composition (Audio)
  • Sound Design (Audio)
  • Testing and Quality Assurance
  • Supporter (situational, specific people)

Application happens via the recruitment discord of the team. The address is

If the applicant and the team want to cooperate, they will be invited in the development discord; introduce themselves and be welcomed by the team.

Technical Support will be given during the process of learning and achieving higher quality.



Fan Videos[edit]

Official pages[edit]


The geography and lore of Atmora are closely related to Roscrea:Voices of the Deep. For that reason, we share our conceptual artwork, and parts of our textures and meshes and writing. We also support the team with members who work in both teams.

With Iliac Bay:Tower of Dawn, we have a project of sharing rock assets. With Morrowind:The Star-Wounded East, we share our custom ice assets. We might also work on Vulcano assets with both teams in the future. There are a few main characters that originate in Cyrodiil, so we plan to cooperate on these characters with the team of Cyrodiil:The Seat of Sundered Kings. We also received meshes for a creature from Cyrodiil.

For further extending the ties to the BS world, an additional Khajit character was planned and partly implemented for the beginning of the Main Quest, in cooperation with the Elsweyr:Sugar and Blood team. We also cooperated on custom weathers.

On top of that, Atmora strongly supports the cross-provincial teams of Arcane University, Public Relations Department and general pan-BS Development Server cooperation.

Even outside of the great Beyond Skyrim family, we are also very happy that many independent Nexus veterans, tool creators and other teams like Skyblivion, Skywind, Thras, Draketand, WTB, Olenveld and a few more support us.

Gameplay Concept[edit]

Artwork for the Player as arctic explorer during the expedition by Ramez.
One of the custom load screens.

There are five pillars to support the gameplay:

1) Frostfall Survival: From the beginning, Atmora was planned as an expansion to serve Frostfall gameplay. It is a basic idea to address the remaining core RPG fans with slightly expanded gameplay options and depth. On top of that, we added more gameplay options that fit the background and the lore to smoothen gameplay and make role play even more interesting.

2) Arctic Landscape: It is a unique land to explore and spectate: creatures and structures, weathers and effects that cannot be seen elsewhere. A unique landscape.

3) The Prestory to the Legendary Dragonborn:" The story is driven more linear in segments, and from time to time told by sequences, that reveal ties to the legacy of Alduin.

4) The Origin of Man: A yet unseen primal society associated with the stone age, bronze age and dark age subcultures, which developed their own unique philosophies to survive, and ultimately a timeline that culminated in the events we know from early Skyrim's history.

5) The Moral Dilemma A story that is driven by a few characters, choices, and a personal level of confrontation.


General Information[edit]

Biographical descriptions of people from the region
Religion, linguistics and other cultural information
Descriptions of the various orders and guilds in existence
An archive of known creatures and constructs
Information about the plants that can be found growing in the area
A history of the region, containing timelines chronicling the major events
A compilation of important writings from the region
Information about the different forms of magic in the region
Information and maps about the various locations within the region
Details of the different modes of transportation in the region

Miscellaneous Information[edit]