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This is the main page of the Beyond Skyrim Arcane University Game Mechanic Tutorials. It serves as hub for the standard workflow and pointers to detailed specific tutorials for Mechanics Implementation.

Relevant Skills[edit]

These are some important/relevant things to learn for mechanics in Skyrim.

  • General Papyrus scripting
  • Custom Spell(s) and/or enchantment(s). Not necessarily complex scripted effects, just custom ones.
  • Misc custom props. Things like traps, or more original/unique stuffs (like the activator to get into the Red Eagle's cave). Don't worry about the assets themselves.
  • Setting up custom creatures (there is tons of available free resources on Nexus to try your hands at it), from creating the new race up to placeable leveled encounters.
  • Setting up the Creation Kit side of common new assets in general, be it statics, misc objects, weapons, armors, furniture, harvestables, ...
  • Setting up crafting & tempering recipes.
  • Setting up custom containers.
  • Creating new NPCs & setting up & setting up generic (eventually leveled) NPCs. (appearance, outfits, etc;..)
  • Setting up background data for NPCs, such as relevant factions, keywords, relationships, etc...
  • Setting up NPC AI for inhabitants. This include their schedules, houses' locks, interiors' ownership, location data, etc...
  • Setting up merchants


If you've never used the Creation Kit before, then begin with the Creation Kit Wiki's Getting Started tutorial. After that, students should follow Bethesda's Scripting Tutorial Series for their introduction to Papyrus—Papyrus scripting is the basis of many complex mechanics. Additionally, Bethesda's Basic Quest Implementation Tutorial covers mechanics-related topics like creating an NPC, creating a new item, and so on. The Creation Kit Wiki also provides many more tutorials that you can take advantage of (CK Wiki Tutorials/Community Tutorials/Video Tutorials).


A simple introduction to Papyrus (without the added baggage of quests) is to make something happen when a user presses an activator, like a button. See the tutorial on the Creation Kit Wiki. If you prefer a video format, see the video by Darkfox127.

Magic Effects[edit]

General information on the various fields from the CK wiki. Video with the same information.


Game Mechanics Lesson Plan[edit]