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Main Site Arcane University
Public Discord
Start Date 2 May 2017

The Arcane University is a cross-province initiative of the Beyond Skyrim project.

It aims to provide teaching and support to all members and applicants to help them to acquire, expand or improve their skillset needed to contribute to the project. If a person wants to help out any of the partnered projects, but feels that they do not yet possess the required skill level, they can go to the Arcane University for tutorials, help with technical problems, and feedback. The tutorials of the Arcane University are made to support you to become a qualified developer or artist and join our community. About 20 teachers will help you personally if you are motivated to become a developer for our Skyrim mod projects! You may find the link to our Discord server in the Links section below.

Structure and learning process[edit]

AULabel.png AU Disciplines
3D Art
Concept Art
Level Design
Music Composition
Project Management
Sound Effects
Voice Acting

The Arcane University is divided into disciplines, or departments, each with its own group of specialized teachers who frequent their respective department. The channels are open, so group learning among students is also common. Administration of the AU is handled by a 3-person tribunal (the triumvirate) and a small group of designated moderators. A list of teachers and members of the Triumvirate can be found on the Staff page.

Most of the learning within the Arcane University is self-guided. There are a number of tutorials and/or lesson plans available, depending on the discipline. Students can follow these and post their work for feedback, or ask questions at any time. Students may progress through special Arcane Roles based on their dedication to learning through AU coursework: Arcane Scribe, Arcane Mystic, Arcane Praxographicalist. These represent their skill and effort at learning their chosen discipline.


Students are expected to:

  • Be willing to learn one or more of the skills we teach for the purpose of modding Skyrim;
  • Show some signs of life and progress every year;
  • behave nicely and respectfully;
  • treat confidential information (especially personal information of others) appropriately.
  • not use the Arcane University as a recruiting/advertising platform for your personal projects.

Teachers are expected to:

  • Understand basic workflows of their departments;
  • Explain these workflows and/or link to existing tutorials and our wiki;
  • Evaluate the students handed in work regarding their department up to their best knowledge, but note that the evaluation can and will differ between people;
  • Notify a moderator if they see serious issues;
  • Support the wiki/tutorials if they feel like.

Teachers are not expected to:

  • Answer every student in persona (evaluations can be split over the teacher board)
  • Respond to every message and question
  • Work on AU tutorials and Wiki (this is optional and will always remain optional)
  • Be the best of their trade (that is not possible, and evaluation of work quality differs)
  • Moderate every discussion (that is not their job)

AToMM Workshop Days[edit]

AToMM stands for Arcane Together Modding Meeting. These are workshop days consisting of four lectures or workshops, each one focused on a specific skill like writing for antagonists or using substance designer for Skyrim. The teacher goes through the steps of a process and students (or anyone else) can work along with them and ask questions as they go. Many of them are recorded and can be browsed in the AToMM Archive.

Partnered Projects[edit]

The AU is working with multiple projects to unite the Skyrim modding community and build a source of shared knowledge. Our partners are:


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