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This is the FAQ page of the Arcane University.

  1. I just joined the server, what am I supposed to do?
    Please read the rules and react to it, and select your role in #role-assignment. Then introduce yourself in the #orientation channel and the course(s) you're interested in.
  2. I have no pre existing knowledge. Can i still learn here?
    Everyone with every skillset is welcome! We teach beginners too.
  3. Can I share lessons or tutorials outside the server?
    Yes. AU is open for everyone to learn.
  4. Is the AU only for Beyond Skyrim?
    No, we opened the Arcane Uni and we now want to teach everyone in the Skyrim modding community.
  5. Where do i apply for a project?
    If you want to apply to Beyond Skyrim, please use the form on our website:
    The links to our partner projects discords and application forms can be found in #partner-project.
  6. Does participating in the Arcane University and completing a course guarantee that I'll be recruited?
    No. While that is the purpose of the AU and the teachers will do everything they can to help you to that goal, ultimately the decision about whether or not you will be accepted rests with the team(s) you apply for. Applications are completely independent from the Arcane University, other than the course work you submit which relies on your teachers' discretion about whether you progress.
    You are responsible for putting everything into practice and the quality of your work will only go as far as you want it to. Building up experience and a willingness to invest a lot of time is important here, so remember to look over your work and make sure it's the best it can be. Don't get too disappointed if you are rejected however as you are welcome to come back to the AU and reapply in the future or for a different team.
  7. Do I need LE/SE/Creation Kit etc.?
    That depends on what you're applying for. Writers for example only need access to a computer and Google Docs as they work exclusively outside of the engine. Game Writing encourages people if they would also like to do Implementation but that's not required. It is recommended however to have the CK installed to test and see how your work looks in-game.
    Level Design and Implementation require Skyrim with all DLC installed, (Legendary Edition or LE for short), because they work within Bethesda's editor, the Creation Kit. This will also require Special Edition (SE) for future releases. Blender is a free, open source tool that is ideal for anyone new to 3D and if you're interested in Sound Design, chances are you have a suite or some tools available already. If you work digitally, Adobe's software is ideal for 2D but there are a variety of free alternatives.
    Ask a teacher if you need advice or help and, of course, these requirements will change if you're interested in learning multiple disciplines.
  8. Are you getting paid?
    No. Everyone here teaches for free.
  9. How much do i have to work? Will i get kicked out for inactivity?
    This is just a hobby. Real life is much more important. We would love to see our students as active as possible but your health is much more important.
  10. Can i I advertise my mod/project here? Can I recruit here?
    No. Only partner projects can recruit here. We do not encourage active advertisement.
  11. What is #student-collaboration? Can i take part in it?
    Every six months the students are able to participate in a group project. All departments work together to create a little mod for the Nexus. The main goal is not the release itself, but rather learning, cooperation and the acquisition of new skills. These mini projects are run freely by the students and the teachers only provide technical help and guidance.