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These are the Beyond Skyrim: Arcane University General Rules.

  1. The Arcane University is a place for focused learning. For off-topic discussion and socializing please go to the community servers of any of the partnered projects. This server will not teach skills outside of those relevant to Skyrim modding. We exist as a learning tool for the modding community with the main objective being a place to train, and recruit future modders for the partnered projects.
  2. Behave like a civilized adult, and respect the members of the server. We do not tolerate harassment, personal attacks, insults, spam, nor argumentative, disrespectful, aggressive, hostile, or immature behaviour in any way, shape, or form. No member, regardless of role, has any obligation to teach any specific person on the server.
  3. By submitting your work to the server you agree to react in a civilized manner to any constructive criticism received.
  4. This server does not allow for the advertisement of mods, projects, or anything else. It is forbidden to specifically target members with the purpose of recruitment. This rule extends to private messages. Individuals or projects attempting to recruit members of the Arcane University will be banned immediately. Please use other sources to recruit for your project, e.g. Reddit/other Discord servers.
  5. If you are banned from any of the development, or community servers of the partnered projects, then you will be instantly banned from the Arcane University as well. The Arcane University is also not a place to argue or contest bans carried over from said other servers.
  6. The chat is English only. Please keep messages or discussions in other languages to private messages.
  7. No talk of religion, politics, or other sensitive subjects. There are many places on the internet you can discuss these things, but this is not one of those places. Those who bring up or foster discussion centred around these topics will be subject to moderator actions. Likewise, anyone who submits videos, memes, jokes, profile pictures, political names or comments about or related to the following can expect to receive a warning and to be banned if they break the rule again. This includes profile pictures or Discord names.
    For the most part our community rules are identical to Discord's ( but for clarification these subjects are forbidden in our server:
    • Genocide
    • Nazism
    • Politics
    • Suicide and Self Harm*
    • Terrorism
    • Racism
    *if you need to talk to someone about these topics, please call your country's helpline. All of the known numbers are here:
  8. Do not post NSFW topics, links, or images. This includes profile pictures or Discord names. Anatomy studies that depict tasteful nudity are allowed in context. Please post it with a spoiler warning.
  9. No links to or talk of committing (or possibly committing) piracy, including piracy committed by others.
  10. Completing a course at the Arcane University does not guarantee acceptance into any of the partnered projects. What you do with the knowledge acquired here is yours to decide.
  11. Do not be disrespectful about any modding project or post negative comments including speculation about a lack of progress. Non-constructive criticism / disparaging comments are not acceptable. Jokes that make fun of said modding projects are not permitted. We need to be respectful of the immense effort others are putting into their work.
  12. Plagiarism of any kind is not tolerated. Altering vanilla Skyrim assets is acceptable, but if you use assets from any source other than Skyrim please state the original source. Attempts to claim another's work as your own is a bannable offense.
  13. Members of this Server are moderated by both the spirit and the letter of the server rules; the rules of this server are interpreted by the moderation team, not members.
  14. Moderators' decisions are final. Attempts by members to circumvent moderator requests, responding to a moderator's request in any unsatisfactory manner, or attempting to game the interpretation of the #rules will be taken as a breach of the spirit of the server rules.

The above rules are subject to moderator action, including warning, kick, or ban. By reacting with :thumbsup: you agree to these rules.