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Nexus Mods

Hannes made only very few nexus mods as tests for Atmora and started right away with Atmora only weeks after using the Creation Kit the first time.

Atmora Project

founded "Atmora-Calling" in early 2015. joined along with his forum and a small team of writers and level designers the landscape template of Rhodeidra a few months after. Against agreements of equal partnership, Rhodeidra took the defacto leadership and pushed the team constantly, which created progress but also harsh conditions and later, in 2016 delay and frustration, when Rhodeidra stopped working himself at the same time. Anathem7x joined in 2016, amongst many others, but most of them left later on, due to the management. In March 2017 Rhodeidra left the team. Hannes was new management director and Anathem7x creative director, Tascani joined as technical director. In April 2017 the team moves from the original forum to Slack. In Mai 2017 the team joins the Beyond Skyrim Collaboration. In June 2017 the team moves to discord as the communication platform and also changes application from old forum to BS forum.

The team has re-won all members that left before under Rhodeidra and is constantly overhauling and continuing work ever since.

more info on the Atmora main page. [[1]]