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Main Site Roscrea: Voices of the Deep
Setting Roscrea
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Roscrea: Voices of the Deep is a project under the Beyond Skyrim banner which aims to recreate the island of Roscrea in the Fourth Era.

Journey north into the stormy embrace of the Sea of Ghosts to a land of untold treasure. A land once known only as a whisper. A land called Roscrea. Forget the ills of your past, and the judgements of people you will long to forget. Wipe the slate clean and see for yourself a world frozen in time. Make with haste fair traveller, for the winds of change wait for no soul.

Roscrea is a remote island in the far north in the Sea of Ghosts. Just south of frozen Atmora, Roscrea is home to native Roscreans and Imperial settlers.

The native population is believed to be proto-Nords who fled Atmora. They follow the old ways of totemic worship of animals, though most of the so-called animal cults have vanished from the island. Only the dominant Bear Cult remains, and occupy the city of Frulthuul.

The Empire first discovered Roscrea in 3E 12 by the Imperial Geographical Society. In 3E 371, the Empire sent an invasion force to Roscrea, forcefully establishing a colony to take advantage of the Mithril deposits on the island. After some bloody battles, a peace accord was signed. To this day, there is a small Imperial settlement at Crane Shore, where in addition to the miners and small services, you can find the presence of the East Empire Company.

Project Releases[edit]

  • None

General Information[edit]

Biographical descriptions of people from the region
Religion, linguistics and other cultural information
Descriptions of the various orders and guilds in existence
An archive of known creatures and constructs
Information about the plants that can be found growing in the area
A history of the region, containing timelines chronicling the major events
A compilation of important writings from the region
Information about the different forms of magic in the region
Information and maps about the various locations within the region
Details of the different modes of transportation in the region

Miscellaneous Information[edit]