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Main Site Argonia: The Roots of the World
Setting Black Marsh
Current Version
Start Date

Argonia: The Roots of the World is a project under the Beyond Skyrim banner which aims to recreate the province of Argonia in the Fourth Era.

The swamps of the southeast are stirring. Cross the border into one of the strangest lands on the surface of Nirn, the home of the Saxhleel, the lizardfolk, and the graveyard of anyone unprepared for the deadly swamps. Argonia is a land of alien beauty, populated by a people embittered by millennia of oppression. Help guide them to power and unity, or exploit their divisions for your own gain. The marshes are calling, and through the hard work of a dedicated modding team, you can answer.

Project Releases[edit]

  • None

General Information[edit]

Biographical descriptions of people from the region
Religion, linguistics and other cultural information
Descriptions of the various orders and guilds in existence
An archive of known creatures and constructs
Information about the plants that can be found growing in the area
A history of the region, containing timelines chronicling the major events
A compilation of important writings from the region
Information about the different forms of magic in the region
Information and maps about the various locations within the region
Details of the different modes of transportation in the region

Miscellaneous Information[edit]