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The Arcane University may grant special roles to Students in order to display and honour their hard work, enthusiasm to learn and progression of skills.

The roles awarded to the students are Arcane Scribe, Arcane Mystic and Arcane Praxographicalist.

What is expected of each role?

A Scribe is a student who has shown genuine interest in learning their chosen subject.

A Mystic is a student who is halfway along the journey from scribe to praxographicalist.

A Praxographicalist is a student who's skill and knowledge is on a level high enough to be 99% guaranteed acceptance into any partner project currently accepting members of their discipline. They know their craft and what to do. They are an asset - not a hindrance.

An Alumni is a student who has been officially accepted to a partner project in the primary role in which they've been a student.

Alumni are welcome to work on test claims at teacher approval. But it is rare, and a teacher may decide to push you in other ways instead. Alumni are not inherently restricted from obtaining new Arcane roles (Scribe, Mystic, Praxo). However, they are still granted per teacher discretion (loosely based off flowcharts that departments have outlined).

Arcane role progression only applies to work students have submitted to the AU and their dedication to learning. Arcane ranks cannot be awarded for general helpfulness alone, nor skill level witnessed on another project.

Students do not lose their Arcane Rank upon becoming Alumni.

Concept Art Requirements

Arcane Scribe

  • Complete one easy (or higher) Concept Art test claim OR complete an assignment.
  • Incorporate feedback
  • Up to teachers discretion

Arcane Mystic

  • Complete one medium (or higher) Concept Art claim
  • Incorporate Feedback
  • Active for 3+ weeks
  • Understand and follow the concept art workflow.
  • Display technical skill to accurately portray basic and medium level shapes
  • Has technical skill to complete easy claims without technical feedback
  • Up to teachers discretion

Arcane Praxographicalist

  • Complete a hard Concept Art claim
  • Complete claims from three different claim categories
  • Incorporate feedback
  • Complete a medium claim with only design feedback
  • Self sufficient - does their own research, actively using internal and outside resources to improve their skills.
  • Active for 5+ weeks
  • Understand the concept art workflow.
  • Understand what makes a good design
  • Work within the boundaries and the style of Skyrim
  • Display a Mastery of shapes, colours and 2D basics
  • Up to teachers discretion

All promotions must be agreed upon between the teachers, and if they feel the student is not quite ready even though they have fulfilled the technical requirements, they are at liberty to wait until the student has improved enough.

3D Requirements

To be determined.

Level Design Requirements

To be determined.

Implementation Requirements

The following requirements are, at the moment, only for quest implementation. It is possible to progress through the roles by completing tasks for other implementation sub-fields instead, but the specifics of those requirements have not yet been determined.

Arcane Scribe

Completed the "Quest Design Fundamentals" and the "Intermediate Quest Design" tutorials on the Creation Kit wiki.

Arcane Mystic

Completed a test claim of medium difficulty (for example Frost Maw Cave).

Arcane Praxographicalist

Completed a second test claim of greater difficulty (e.g. Damsels in Distress).

The particular example quests are guidelines. Should the student finish a similar quest for, say, the student project or something else, that will count the same. These guidelines are under the usual caveat that they are up to teacher discretion - the teachers will judge if the student was sufficiently knowledgeable to create most of it on their own power. However, the student should not be afraid to ask questions, either - we all get stuck sometimes, and we are here to learn.

Writers Requirements

Writers requirements may be viewed in the #game-writing channel on the Arcane University Discord.