Cyrodiil: History

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Before the Ayleids arrived, this province was pretty much unknown. Early Aldmer settlers who came to Tamriel stuck strictly to the coastlines of Tamriel, which resulted in very little being discovered about Cyrodiils true native inhabitants. The Ayleids whose architecture can be seen all across Cyrodiil were the Aldmer who settled there during the mid to late Merethic Era. The architectural stamp the Ayleids made on the land is, to this day, what best distinguishes Cyrodiil from the other provinces. Even the white gold tower, the centerpiece of the Imperial City was constructed by these mer settlers. The Ayleids controlled Cyrodiil for quite some time, until the ancestors to modern Imperials, Nedes, traveled south and clashed with the Ayleid rulers of the land in the early stages of the first era. Once in Ayleid lands, the Nedes were held in bondage alongside members of various other human races. The resulting mesh between men and mer in Cyrodiil set the wheel in motion for the beginning of the Alessian Empire.

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