Cyrodiil:College of Whispers

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The College of Whispers is one of the two major magical institutions to be created in the aftermath of the dissolution of the Mages' Guild.


The College of Whispers shares the same origin as the Synod, where both were formed by former members of the Mages' Guild after it was dissolved. However, unlike the Synod, the College of Whispers were formed by members of the Mages' Guild who were far more open minded when it came to subjects such as necromancy or conjuration.


Unlike the Synod, the College of Whispers did not inherit many of the institutions and properties that the Mages' Guild once had. Instead, the College of Whispers operates out of what it calls Cynosures. Cynosures act as headquarters where high-ranking members of the College operate, testing grounds for students to practice their magic, and as fields of study, as many are established in areas of magical importance.


The College of Whispers is not without its critics. Many accuse them of acting similar to the Synod, where high ranking members hoard magic for personal and political gain, rather than to teach others.

Their main criticism comes from the Synod, who accuse them of harboring necromancers, and spreading knowledge of dark magic to those who would abuse it.