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Great House Indoril is one of the five great houses of Morrowind.

3rd Era[edit]

During the rule of the Tribunal Temple, House Indoril worked closely with them. Many of the Ordinators and enforcers of the Tribunal Temple were members of House Indoril. They were also known for their presense in Mournhold, the city of magic and light.

4th Era[edit]

Like House Dres, House Indoril found itself in the line of fire regarding the Argonian invasion. As the Argonians did sack Mournhold, it can be assumed House Indoril suffered greatly at their hands.

After the Tribunal Temple collapsed, and the Temple of the Reclamations became the dominant religion in Morrowind, House Indoril became even more intertwined with the Morrowind state religion. All of House Indoril's properties and members were integrated into the Temple of the Reclamations. However, this simply lead to House Indoril gaining even more control over the religion of Morrowind.