Black Marsh: First Era

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Second Century[edit]

1E 198[edit]

  • Barsaebics, Aedra-worshipping Ayleids, took refuge in Black Marsh
    • Established a number of colonies, including cities of Stormhold and Gideon

Eleventh Century[edit]

1E 1033[edit]

  • Empress Hestra of the Alessian Empire, launched anti-Argonian pirate campaign
  • "Red" Bramman, Argonian pirate killed near Blackrose

Twenty-Ninth Century[edit]

1E 2811[edit]

  • Battle of Argonia, last organized army of Argonians defeated by the Second Empire Legions

1E 2837[edit]

  • Emperor Reman II declared the region officially annexed
    • Empire only controlled the northern and eastern marches despite the annex