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Music is part of the Audio Department, along with Sound Design and Voice Acting. The Audio Department lead and main composer of Beyond Skyrim: Atmora is Yaranik. The RedBadger works in the team as lead Sound Engineer. A current playlist is on the official Beyond Skyrim SoundCloud.

List of Tracks[edit]

  • Skurer (Shadows) [Video Edition]
  • Ulfeth (Wolves)
  • Valdunga (Chaos)
  • Moonilk Hjollad (Song of the Moons)
  • Praakydh Ljaak (Escaping Light)
  • Yssyndra (Stasis)
  • The Call (Trailer Theme)
  • The Call

There are various regional and daytime specific tracks and situational tracks as well, but these are not shown to the public prior release.

Beyond Skyrim Logo.png This page contains limited information about content that has not yet been released, and is therefore incomplete and subject to change.